Highland Park IL hair extensions are just a phone call away when you book an appointment at close by Skokie near Old Orchard Mall. Women naturally wonder what long celebrity hairstyles might look like on their own head. These days, new hair extension technology is better than ever before. Anyone desiring to get hair extensions done should first understand a thing or two about the different options available The Highland Park IL 60035 area is not only a great place to get your new hair extensions, there are also plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, take in the sights, or shop for your new favorite outfit.

Highland Park offers visitors a fantastic place to make a day of it and really spend the day taking in the waterfront, looking at some of the beautiful gardens and architecture of this historic town, and so much more. Skokie is perfect for those that want to get their hair done and then head to Highland Park for an afternoon of relaxation and fun. Our new Old Orchard area salon is ideal for those that want to be able to book an appointment quickly so they can spend the rest of the day shopping. Getting hair extensions close to Highland Park IL is as simple as jumping on route 41 toward Old Orchard Shopping Center. Why not try micro bead extensions? This extension method is actually easier to get done than you might imagine. Instead of harsh glue that can sometimes strip the roots of hair or irritate the scalp, this method of extension uses small beads that clamp the extensions onto the existing hair.

The technique does help to minimize the damage to your real hair while giving you the length, volume, and color that you want in your hair. Generally, this type of extension is used to give volume and length to the bottom of hair which means that it will not be applied above the crown of the head and will not really infuse much volume into the upper portion of your hair. As with any extension, these are only semi permanent and will fall out over time.

Having mentioned this does not mean that it will not give you the volume plus the length that you want all over. Instead, with this method your new volume and length will be concentrated at the back and bottom of your hair. This is a fast and effective method and with a professional hair dresser like the Chicago Hair Extensions Salon can help you to make sure your hair is going to take the extensions well and that it is going to be healthy and beautiful. Your hair dresser can also help you learn how to care for this type of extension properly to insure you get as much use and as much life out of them as you possibly can. Women looking for hair extensions in the Highland Park IL area, our extension specialists are just a short drive away.


Hair Extensions Near Highland Park, IL

Get Fusion Hair Extensions Near Highland Park IL

Now, fusion hair extensions are available to Highland Park- as well as surrounding North Shore suburbs. With this method you are actually fusing the new hair to your existing hair with the help of a keratin hardening solution that bonds the new hair to your existing hair. This way to elongate hair is a bit different than micro links and takes a little longer to apply. Moreover, a professional stylist is needed for this process to be completed properly. Utilizing this method you are going to have real hair extensions added to your own hair through either cold fusion or heated fusion depending on the overall texture and thickness of your hair. For those that have thicker hair, heat fusion may be the only way to effectively fuse the extension to the shaft to form the bond that is necessary to keep the extension in place. With thinner or finer hair it may be necessary to use cold fusion methods to help the keratin solution harden and adhere the extension.

Because these do not have a bead base that can tend to be bulky like micro bead extensions, these can be applied higher in the hair toward the crown to add more volume to the crown of the head. This is a method that is great for those that want added length without so much added bulk. Booking with a professional hairdresser means achieving the look you want.  Just like any extension, this will shed over time and with proper care you can extend the amount of time that the extensions will last. This is a wonderful process that is going to help give you fuller hair and longer hair without having to wait for natural hair growth.

Highland Park Can Have Tape Extensions

Weft extensions are just what it sounds like, an extension that is applied to the hair via super special tape. With this method, the real human hair extension is going to be taped into the hair with a special tape that is designed for that specific purpose. These extensions are actually adhered not only to your hair but also to the other side of the extension so they tend to last a bit longer than other types of extension. The tape in method often allows extensions to stay in the hair for up to two months and is not all that damaging if it is applied properly to the hair. Come to the Skokie Salon then head over to Highland Park for an afternoon of fun.

This method is an easy way to increase the volume and length of your hair without having to go through the process of bonding and beading. This method is also going to be a bit less time consuming as far as upkeep is concerned. You do not need to worry about special shampoo and special care you will need to however make sure that your extensions are brushed regularly and that you are not allowing them to be matted. This is an easy method that with the right hair dresser can be right for you. This method is going to be far less likely to leave behind glue and other residue after your extensions have either been removed or have fallen out on their own.

How to Choose Extensions?

When it comes to the hair extensions that you are going to have done it just depends on the length your looking to achieve. You can often discuss with your hair stylist what method and type of extension is going to work best with your hair type, your needs, and what you do on a daily basis. Depending on what you want from your extensions, you can talk with your hair dresser and really find out what is going to work for you. There are so many different types of hair extension out there, knowing what works for you and what is going to work best for you is the easiest way to get an extension that is going to not only look great, but also feel great and last well.

Availing upon the help of an expert hair stylist at a salon like Chicago Hair Extension Salon just 20 minutes outside of the Highlands Park area- you can get the sexy hair that you have always dreamed about. Hair extensions can do a lot for self esteem as well as make you feel wonderful and look as great as you feel. Knowing is only half the process, your new hair is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

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Woman with hair extensions near Chicago's Highland Park North Shore suburb.

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