Hot Heads Hair Extensions in Chicago, IL
HotHeads Hair offers a popular brand of weft hair extensions with many beauty salons. This fast method for adding more volume is much different than traditional fusion hair replacement techniques. The process allows for super a fast way to get much longer hair. With Hotheads Hairwear, top coverage is just an appointment away.

Why Choose Hotheads Hair Extensions?

Hotheads Hair Extensions are a great choice for women who want to add volume.  The 100% real human hair last up to 10 weeks and can be reused for future visits. Our professional cosmetologists are especially impressed with the colors and dynamic highlights from this top class hair replacement company.

Can Hotheads Hair System be Uses for Short Hair?

In most cases yes. During a free consultation, a specialist will provide you with several hair replacement options. The Tape-In extension technique means no hot tools will be used.

What Hair Colors are Available?

Users can choose everything from colorful ombre hair extensions, to fantasy and pastels. Of course, natural colors are also available. Ask our experienced about this amazing hair enhancement solution. Hotheads is available from Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.