How do Hair Extensions Work: The Basics

how-hair-extensions-workWith so many celebs fashioning their hairdo, many women wonder how hair extensions work.  Short hair, whether closely cropped into a pixie cute or shoulder-length, is adorable and manageable. However, sometimes you may want longer hair for a temporary or longer amount of time, whether for a big dinner, wedding, meeting, or other major event. In that case, those in the Chicago, Illinois area should consider visiting the Chicago Hair Extension Salon.

Of course, if you’ve never had hair extensions before, you likely have a lot of questions, such as what these extensions are, what they’re made of, what types exist, and how they work. Only then can you decide whether hair extensions are right for you.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Simply put, hair extensions connect to your preexisting hair through various means in order to artificially make your locks longer. These extensions match the exact color of your hair so that no one questions whether or not the hair is real.

These extensions are typically made of real hair, but fake hair is sometimes favored as well. If you don’t have straight hair, you’re not excluded from getting extensions. These come in different textures like wavy and curly. Those that have a Jheri curl or similar style can also get extensions to match.

How Do Extensions Get Put On?

The way that hair extensions works depends on which type that you choose for your head. Some extensions are made to fuse into your hair for a more permanent application. Others are meant for much shorter-term use and can clip right in. You simply place the extensions where you want them and secure them with a clip. You can then remove the clips at the end of the day or night.

What Are the Various Types of Hair Extensions?

Besides hair clips, other types of hair extensions are also available. These include micro bead extensions, fusion, Invisible Tape-In, and sew-in options. Micro bead extensions, also known as micro loops or micro rings, are named such because the stylist attaches the extensions via aluminum rings at the top of your head. Your stylist can hide the rings so that no one can tell that you have extensions. These are somewhat easy to remove and less dangerous than extensions that involve gluing.

As mentioned, with fusion, the stylist uses a cooled or heated tool to permanently attach the extra hair to yours. Sometimes the extensions include keratin to promote natural hair growth. If your hair is already thinning, ask about these as well as cold fusion, which is gentler on your hair. You will have to visit your Chicago salon at least every three months to get fused extensions fixed up. These are very tough to remove.

Invisible Tape-In extensions are similar to clip-on extensions, as you simply apply using a certain type of tape. These extensions can fit your whole head or only a portion of your hair. Invisible Tape-In is temporary and has a lifespan of about eight weeks, but it doesn’t require glue. You can then choose to get the extensions reapplied. You should not try to take out these extensions yourself under any circumstances, and if you don’t want them reapplied, visit a Chicago salon for some aftercare.

Lastly, sew-in extensions, as the name suggests, are sewn into your head for the most permanent and least damaging means of getting longer hair. With this method, the stylist sews in pieces of hair one at a time, typically pulling your hair into a braid and then forming corn rows or another similar style. You can then combine these with hair clips for as much volume and length as you want. However, sew-in extensions are rather permanent.

 Where Can You Get Hair Extensions?


Chicago Hair Extension Salon offers all of the above hair extension options as well as hair weaves, eyebrow threading, hair extension dying, eyebrow waxing, and extension removals. This salon even specializes in post-chemotherapy hair extensions, which may be when you need these the most.

The trained stylists at Chicago Hair Extension Salon have the certifications and experience to give you the best-looking hair that you’ve ever had. Whether you want extensions for the first time, you need your extensions fixed up, or you want to remove these safely and without damaging your hair, make sure to stop by at Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.