Many women are curious about how to get hair extensions for short hair. You will be amazed at the various extension methods short haired girls have available to bring about long, natural looking locks, through various types of hair extensions.


How Long to Get Hair Extensions for Short Hair?

The key to achieving the best possible look is by growing your own natural hair out to a length which is between 4 or 5 inches around the crown. Perhaps you already have a shorthair cut hair that’s above the shoulders and want change? Chicago hair extensions salon makes it possible to make short hair much longer.

What about Fusion Hair Extensions for Short Hair?

Many long haired celebrities have opted to get fusion hair extensions as a way to add dimension. Sometimes this method is referred to as infusion extensions. Likewise, the process entails growing your own hair long enough to conceal the keratin tip which will be applied to natural hair strands. Our Chicago hairstylists commonly ask girls who want hair extensions for short hair let it grow out a little longer during the free consultation. The ultimate goal is to blend the new extensions seamlessly, so that the tresses appear nearly undetectable to others.

Can Weft Hair Extensions For Short Hair Work?

Hair wefts technology has made huge advancements over the past several years. Depending upon the hair type, invisible tape-in hair extensions may be an option among short haired women who want to add volume. An experienced hairdresser helps you to choose color matching wefts which literally stick to hair. These extensions can last 6 to 8 weeks with little maintenance. The adhesive should be put on at least half a centimeter from the scalp so the extension won’t fall. The advantage is getting is those with shorter hair lengths can dramatically get much longer hair very fast. As an added benefit, the hair extensions are totally reusable.

Conversely, African American women who want hair extensions for short hair can get amazing results with the sew-in technique. This being the case, a little more prep work is needed at the shop to do black hair. Firstly, properly woven cornrows should be braided tight enough to avoid breakage. The extension pieces are then masterfully sewn into the rows.

What Other Ways to Make Short Hair Longer?

Micro Bead hair extensions can transform shorter hair to super long. Again, natural hair should be long enough so that the bundles can be nicely secured to the hair. An experienced hairstylist uses tiny micro rings that tightly fasten hair extension strands upon your naturally growing hair sections. Once the clasp is closed, the extended strands stay locked in for several months.  So many brands like Great Lengths, Donna Bella, So Cap USA and Cinderella sell I-Tip ring hair extensions made with remy tips.   Our salon has seen clients travel from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, plus Indiana to get extensions for shorter hair through by utilizing this specific procedure.

Which Hair System is Best for Short Hair?

While there are countless types of 100% real human hair extensions, the best salons utilize the above strategies to elongate locks-because the end result is incredible. One overlooked benefit is most major brands carry different colors, lengths, as well as styles to provide the upmost variety. Super long hair seekers can also avail upon wigs, but the feel and durability just isn’t the same.

We suggest that clients talk to our professional stylists to discuss the options out there. Since hair extension prices vary, depending on numerous factors, you will truly be able to make an informed decision. If it gets that bad, see a Chicago Therapist for Anxiety to help make a better decision. Just kidding, but seriously take time to consider.

In case you desire 16 inch medium curly, 18 inch wavy or 24 inch super long hair extensions-you can transform your hair with a single appointment at our salon that does extensions in Chicago, IL.