Ombre hair extensions have become increasingly popular among women these days because the tones are so unique.  Khloe and Kim Kardhasian both sported ombre hair styles, making them a top request among stylists.  Now, you can get extensions applied at our Chicago salon that makes available the top brands.


Get Fun Ombre Hair Colors

Whether you want pretty red ombre hair, dazziling brown ombre hair, dark ombre hair or fun blonde ombre hair-Chicago Hair Extensions Salon can apply the very best.  We use only the top quality real human hair from leading companies to bring about amazing hairstyles. Our experienced extension specialists go over different options during your free consultation. Going over hair color ideas is a simple process and our cosmetologists can help you choose a look that look that’s just right for you! The day of your appointment, set aside 4 hours. This is necessary as your stylist will meticulously apply your extensions perfectly. The idea is to attach them in such away that seems almost invisible.

Ombre Hair Extensions


How do Ombre Hair Extensions Work?

A great way to get longer hair is by getting hair extensions. Depending upon your preference, extensions can be put on using different techniques. Fusion extensions utilize a heating tool which bonds strands to natural hair. Micro Bead extensions entail using tiny little rings that get firmly clasped into place with a hand held device. One piece Tape in extensions are among the most requested as this is the fastest method to achieve long hair. Skin weft is also a nice option.Whatever hair replacement system you go with, ombre extensions are usually available. 


Ombre Colors

What does Ombre Hair Mean?

Hair color which changes from lighter atop the head to darker at the ends is dubbed ombre. The word actually has a French origin, meaning multi-colored. Your pre-packaged ombre hair extensions are ready to be installed after picking a color. The extensions can be curled, straightened and blow-dried just like natural hair. Why choose cheap clip in hair extensions when you can have tresses that last up to six months? Want a total glam look? When you purchase a full head, we arrange for you to get semi-permanent eyelashes. Ask about this special at the time you visit. We are close to enough to O’Hare Airport or Downtown Chicago that getting here is a cinch. Women not in the local area are encouraged to contact us through sending photos to determine if length is appropriate to elongate hair. Generally 4-5 inches is a good starting point. From 10 inch, to 16 inch, all the way up to 24 inch hair extensions, you will want to show off your long hair don’t care pics all day. 

What Ombre Hairstyles are Available?

Super curly hair extensions add bounce to otherwise dull looking hair. Pin straight extensions give much needed length. Wavy hair extensions provide a seamless blend, plus provide a bouncy appearance. See before and after videos to get a better idea. 

Who Wears Two-Toned Hair Shades?

Asian Ombre hair is highly requested at our salon by many ladies. Purple and Pink are especially worn during warmer months. Jessica Beil, Kylie Jenner and Lauren Conrad’s ombre hair effect is an amazing site to see. You don’t need to be a famous celebrity to stand out. We have discounted deals with top ombre hair extensions companies to make costs affordable. These include Great Lengths, Hot Heads, Socap International as well as Hot Heads extensions.

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