reduce hair falling outIt can be downright frustrating to lose hair.  Most people take notice during a morning shower routine, brushing or blow drying. This can be expected since the human body has a natural shedding cycle which generates new hair every ninety days. “Statistically, we loose 50 hairs per day as part of the new hair growth process” says Jennifer San Juan, a Chicago cosmetologist who specializes in hair extensions. I’ve listed 5 five common reasons for hair loss and how to prevent them.

 Would an Iron Deficiency Lead to Hair Falling Out?  

Women who release too much blood during menstrual cycles or do not consume sufficient iron-rich foods may be prone to having low red blood cells counts. We all remember from biology class that red blood cells provide energy to carry out tasks. A persistent iron deficiency is also known as anemia. If you believe you might be susceptible, you should talk with your doctor about scheduling a blood test. According to Web MD, hair loss is a one of many symptoms of anemia. Other ailments include chronic fatigue and low concentration levels.

Eating iron-rich foods such as fish, lean beef and beans can be helpful. It’s also beneficial to consume fruits with Vitamin C to speed up absorption.  According to The American Exercise Counsel, women require 18mg of iron each day and even more after menopause. Some of the most popular hair loss supplements taken with iron include biotin, L-cysteine, plus other basic amino acids.

Can Your Hair Start Falling Out from Styling?

Overly hard brushing along with excessive dying can aggravate the scalp. Your tresses are very sensitive chemicals which weaken hair follicles. Salons offering keratin treatments, blowouts or dyeing is okay. The key is not going too often.

An abundance of heat can cause hair to turn brittle. Many top hairdressers recommend buying a hairdryer with cool setting options. Human hair extensions react similarly to the real thing.   While extensions don’t grow from the root-they do react to temperature changes. Hair damage may also occur from making drastic color changes. Most experts advise choosing shades from the color wheel which are close to your natural pigmentation.

Braiding is a technique that is widely popular these days. A corn roll or fishtail braid can look amazing. In contrast, a hair weave that’s done super tight can cause permanent damage. Always be gentle with styling weaves.

 How does Stress Effect Hair Falling Out?

Alopecia Areata is a type of stress-related hair loss which occurs when white blood cells attack follicles. Body hair and even-hair falling out of the scalp are common complaints. Learning how to cope with everyday life obstacles can slow down hair loss. Relationship problems, injuries, work-along with money troubles are among top stressors. While there is no such thing as stress inoculation, it’s possible to reduce its effects. Moderate physical exercise has been shown to reduce depression and stress. Mindfulness meditation is also a great way to relax.

If your hair is falling faster than usual, visit a dermatologist.