Hair extensions are a great way to change your style. While they used to be reserved only for celebrities, now they are available to anyone who wants to sport a new hairdo. They give you the option to have the desired length or rock those bangs that you have wanted since high school.

The trick to having a fabulous look is to trust the hair extension experts in Chicago who will give you a free consultation and provide you with proper advice. You can relax that you are in good hands and that you will walk out of the salon with the long-wanted hairstyle.

Putting hair extensions, however, is just the first step of taking good care of your irresistible look. You need to take proper care of the extensions in summer and winter and know how to style them in order to get the maximum effect.

Here are a few tricks and tips that can help you look gorgeous with your extensions regardless of the occasion.

Learn from the celebrities

Celebrities are used to wearing different types of hair extensions and they usually have a myriad of helpers who take proper care of their look. So, it is a simple trick to try and copy their appearance if you want to sport your hair extensions in the best possible way. Make sure to consult your hair stylist as well, since they will know better what advice to give you in order to achieve that look.

Some of the celebrities that you can learn from when it comes to looking great with hair extensions are:

  • Beyoncé Knowles who definitely knows how to wear hair extension. You can see her in a pixie crop, then a bob, and a full-length hair swiping the floor.
  • Blake Lively is the icon of Old Hollywood Glamor look. You can achieve it by adding some extensions to make your mane fuller and curlier.
  • Chloe Moretz can show you how to add color depth to your hair. Introduce some extensions with a subtle dip dye and change your look. Once you get bored, you can simply whip the extensions out or replace them with a more interesting version.
  • There is no way to miss Jennifer Lopez and her beach girl look. Adding hair extensions will allow your stylist to make layers and have them tousled for the ultimate look you are after.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are some of the celebrities that are symbols of wearing a great verity of extensions and styles. The later even has established her own line of hair extensions, so, we guess they can serve as inspiration.

Tricks to make your hair extensions look great

We will be honest with you, wearing hair extensions may require some more effort on your side. There are a few tricks that won’t take you long but are essential if you want to have a great hairstyle while wearing extensions:

  1. Give yourself some time to get used to them. No matter which type of hair extensions you choose, they will feel a bit odd at the beginning but you will get used to them eventually.
  2. Get the proper haircut that allows your natural hair to blend with the hair extensions
  3. Always do your hair and don’t let it simply dry after washing. Curling or strengthening the hair allows natural hair and extensions to blend better and look more natural.
  4. Be careful when you blow out your hair and don’t put too much tension on it as you would usually do without the extensions.
  5. Learn how to brush your hair properly. Without extensions, you can start from the scalp and then proceed down, however, this method is counter-effective with hair extensions. You need to start from the ends and work your way up. Be extremely gentle while brushing your hair and your extensions will last longer.
  6. Use dry shampoo to avoid washing your hair too often. Too many showers may loosen the bond of your hair extensions and cause them to fall prematurely. Hence, the dry shampoo can become your new favorite accessory.
  7. Avoid ponytails and top knots since your hair extensions are made to lay flat. Still, there are methods of applying hair extensions that will allow you to sport that style occasionally, just ask your stylist for it.

Best styles to try with your hair extensions

There are certain hairstyles that are most suitable for women wearing hair extensions. Some of the most popular include:

  • Bouncy with bangs
  • Long and straight
  • Long side pony (a better option than the traditional ponytail)
  • Side bun
  • Curly romantic bun
  • Long and tousled

These are some of the typical hairstyles that are quite easy to achieve with hair extensions. They do not require much time and efforts but are certainly cute and will help you look different every day.

These are just a few tips to help you wear your hair extensions with style and never get bored with your hairdo.