Do you have a special care routine for your long hair that you follow strictly in order to boost its growth? If your answer is yes, then the following lines are just for you. Learn how to wash your long hair properly in order to avoid damaging it and enjoy it much longer.

How often to wash?

One of the big questions with no definite answer is how long should I wash my hair. From the advice to do it every day to the “no poo” movement, you can find any type of information on the net. The truth is that the frequency depends on the type of hair you have (and not that much on its length). It is generally fine to go a few days without washing, since shampoo traps oil and its frequent usage may dry your hair excessively, make it prone to breakage and look unhealthy. So, how to proceed?

  • People with very fine hair, oily scalp and those who exercise daily and sweat a lot or live in very humid climate should wash their hair every day.
  • People with thick, dry, curly and less oily hair can shampoo less frequently. The thicker the hair is, the longer the time between washes. Some women can go for 5-7 days without shampoo.
  • The average person can go without shampooing 2-3 days.

Quite often the frequency of washing depends on the personal style and preferences. With longer hair it is easy to hide the first signs of cleanliness going away by styling it into a ponytail, bun or braid but those with shorter hair should wash or choose a hat or headscarf as an accessory.

No matter the type or length of your hair, however, it is not recommended to go more than 14 days without shampooing.

How to wash your hair right?

Once you determine the frequency of your shampooing, you need to learn how to do it right. Longer hair needs gentle treatment.

  • The first thing is to choose the right products depending on your hair. If it is colored, you should opt for color protection shampoo and conditioner; if you wear hair extensions, you need to treat them accordingly; if you are looking for more volume, then you go for “volumizing” products, etc.
  • Adding a shower filter to your bathroom will be beneficial both for your hair and body as you will be exposed to less chlorines, for example.
  • Now, when it comes to the actual routine of washing, raw coconut oil is one of the best friends of long hair. For perfect results it is better if you apply it to your strands in the night before you go to bed, put your hair in a bun and sleep over it. Then wash your hair in the morning. If that is not possible you can apply it 1 hour before washing or at least a few minutes in advance.
  • Before adding shampoo make sure that your hair is wet. So, rinse it with warm water and add a few drops of conditioner to the ends. This will help trap moisture. That add the shampoo and lathe up your roots. Unless your hair is very dirty it is not necessary to lathe the ends as well or to wash it a second time.
  • Add the conditioner from the middle of the hair to the ends without applying it to the roots. Let it stay if it is a leave-in or wash it just before you go out of the bathroom. You can clip your hair up so that it is not in your way. The longer the conditioner stay, the more positive effects it will have on your hair. Rinse it from your hair with warm water.
  • For better results finish your hair washing with a cold shower. The final rinse with cold water will seal the cuticle and make your hair look healthier and shiny.

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Enjoy your long hair longer by following the advice of the specialists on how often to wash your hair. Treat it with love and care and walk your strands proudly anywhere you go.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]