Bangs are coming in and out of fashion but once you find the right shape and length for you, you can rock them anywhere and at any time. Bangs can become your signature look as long as you style them properly. As you may guess it doesn’t really matter if your hair is short or long but it is rather important what the shape of your face is.

Let’s have a look at how the shape of your face determines the bangs that look best on you.

Round face

If your face is round you should go for thick, side swept bangs. They should be cut on a harsh angle which will make your cheeks look better. The worst option for this shape of your face is to have your bangs heavy and blunt. They will only focus on the fullness of your face.

Square face

If the shape of your face resembles a square, then the best option is to have bangs that are longer at the sides and shorter in the middle. This fringe will make your face look a bit more oval. If you want to soften your features it is good to have a choppy and textured cut without harsh lines. For the bolder, the square face looks good with baby and Bardot bangs as they add volume to the cheeks and make the overall complexion brighter. Try avoiding straight, blunt bangs and cuts with harsh lines as they will only accentuate the square shape of your face.

Heart-shaped face

If your face has the shape of a heart your best option are the super wispy or side swept bangs. This fringe can be combined with long layers and bulk around the jawline for a greater balance. Steer clear from short or heavy bangs as they will be too bulky for your expression.

Long face

The ladies with long face should opt for bangs that add width to their complexion. Such styles include blunt or Bardot bangs as they add thickness and fullness and are also quite suitable for thin hair. You can add volume to your overall look also by adding a certain type of hair extensions that are good for hiding thinning hair. If your face is long the worst option for you will be to go for baby bangs as they usually elongate the face and that is definitely something you don’t want. The super long fringe will also have similar adverse effect for your features, so steer clear of it.

Oval face

If the form of your face is oval, then you should consider yourself lucky. This shape allows you to experiment with almost any hairstyle, which includes different types of bangs as well. Your face is balanced and you can try all new trends this year. The only thing you need to take into account is the texture of your hair and which or whether bangs suit your lifestyle. Keep in mind that you need to style your bangs every day before you make your final decision on the look.

Now, based on the ideas above, you can visit your stylist and try a new hairdo. Why not get some quality hair extensions as well, so that they can make your style even more dramatic and beautiful. Dare to be bold and experiment with different hairstyles and shades. Life is colorful, be part of it!