Hair plays an important role in our life and it is even fair to say that our society is obsessed with it. Both men and women spend time in front of the mirror in pursue of the perfect hair do and are willing to invest a substantial amount in hair products that can boost hair growth, thicken or otherwise improve their mane.

It is quite normal to have this attitude towards hair, though, since hair can reveal much of your personality. Long or short, natural or with classy hair extensions, the hairdo that you have chosen speaks tons about you. Therefore, learning a few interesting facts about hair that will make you smile will also help you understand it better and love it even more.

Hair Beauty Funny Facts

Everyone has a special beauty routine that involves washing, blow drying or coloring their hair. As this is an integral part of our everyday life it is interesting to learn some of the funniest facts associated with hair beauty:

  • 80% of the Americans wash their hair twice a week.
  • Women spend nearly two hours (1 hour and 53 minutes on average) to wash, blow dry and style their hair every week. This sums up to almost 6 full days every year or in other words by the age of 65 a woman will have invested nearly seven months of her life in dealings with her hair.
  • The average amount that a woman spends on hair products amounts to $780 per year.
  • Hair can cover almost any part of your body except on the soles of your feet, palms of your hand, your lips, and any mucous membrane.
  • The first people who started to remove unwanted hair were the Egyptians.
  • Again, the first people who started using hair extensions were the Egyptians with the first documented usage of hair weaves dating back to 3400 BC. (click here if you want to find more interesting facts about hair extensions).
  • It is normal to loose between 40 and 150 strands of hair every day, so don’t worry. In addition to that as soon as a hair is plucked from its follicle a new one starts to grow.
  • Keep in mind that balding only begins to be visible when you lose more than 50% of the hairs on your scalp.
  • The scientific term for split ends is trichoptilosis.
  • If you are stressed or shocked, it will take 13 days for a white or grey hair to grow. Same goes for aging too.
  • Hair coloring has made a great progress over the years with only 7% of the American women dying their hair back in 1950, now the number is 75%.

And especially for those who love dying their hair and prefer the blond color:

  • In Ancient Rome women used pigeon dung to dye their hair blond, while the preferred colorant for blondies in Renaissance Venice was horse urine.
  • Shocking as it may sound, for the Ancient Greek the color blond was associated with prostitution.

What does the color of your hair say about you?

Funny as it may sound, there is some statistics that the color of your hair is associated with your character or rather vice versa. In other words, how people perceive you may depend entirely on the dye you have chosen for your latest hairdo. So, here are some color-related funny facts:

  • Women with blond hair are perceived as funny and flirty, brunettes are smart and serious, while redheads are believed to be strong.
  • Black is the most common hair color, while only 2% of the population is blond.
  • As a result of being so rare, blond hair is about 3 times more expensive than black hair and 100 g of European blond hair can cost as much as $1,600.
  • Redheads are the rarest of all – with only 1% occurrence worldwide. The highest proportion of people with red hair is in Scotland – 13%, while the largest population of redheads lives in the USA – between 2 and 6% of all people.
  • The average number of hair strands varies according to natural color with the average being 100,000. Blondes have the highest number – 146,000, followed by black haired with 110,000 stands, brown haired have about 100,000, while the redheads occupy the last position with only 86,000.

At the end, it is worth noting that when we say hair is precious it also has its scientific reasoning. Each strand of hair contains up to 14 different elements one of which is gold. Therefore, treasure your hair and enjoy your hair style every day.