Invisible hair extensions are usually called skin wefts. Skin wefts are replica of the skin with hair “developing” from it.
Invisible hair extensions are applied with a binding substance straight to the scalp. These types of hair extensions last for up to 8 weeks prior to reapplication.

Features of Invisible Hair Extensions:

• The extension can be re-used
• It has a natural look and feel

Invisible Hair ExtensionsThis technique can be useful for women in Chicago going through hairloss as a result of: radiation treatment, irradiation, calvicie, genetic hairloss, and scares from surgerical treatment. The hair extension is designed so that it fits your hair color, thus making it invisible to tell the difference from your real hair.

Benefits of Invisible Hair Extensions

This process minimizes the chances of noticeable extensions any time your turn around or when the wind blows your hair. The hair extensions can be attached anywhere including the front of your head. They are called invisible hair extensions simply because they appear as though they are growing out of your scalp. Invisible hair extensions are an excellent choice for women to get in Chicago who have balding or thinning hair mainly because it produces a natural invisible hair set up. The beauty is that your natural hair will grow out while you’re still wearing the extension.

This hair extension can be reused and while in use, you can easily brush to any direction just like you would with your natural hair. However, Invisible hair extensions are not meant for everyone as it works best for those with thin hair. Generally, invisible hair extensions are mainly advised for those who have frequent hair loss. In case you are thinking about the same technique suited for adding length and volume to your hair then you should consider tape hair extension.

Also, fusion hair extension uses only one strand of pre-bonded hair constrained an inch away from organic roots using keratin protein binding glue and fusing with heating giant pliers. Cold fusion is used in a similar way yet is the safest alternative amongst the two since the later utilizes ultrasonic waves rather than heat to attach the hair extension. This approach last the longest in comparison to the others since it grows together with the natural hair. Fusion hair extensions are obtainable at Supplying high quality hair extension to the Chicago, Il area. These kinds of hair extensions are flexible and they stay longer than other extensions.

Micro ring hair extensions are just like pre bonded or fusion extensions. Nevertheless, they may be put on natural hair by using a lift along with a tiny micro ring for every strand. The hairs are drawn with the rings while using hook after which they are pushed straight down and clamped on each of the edges using a group of pliers. More attention is generally needed with this particular kind of hair extension because the rings are often loosening after a particular length of time resulting in the hair falling out in clumps. Call our salon to get invisible hair extensions in Chicago today!