The number of customers, who are satisfied with their look after adding quality hair extensions has grown significantly in past years and it is safe to say that the hair extension industry is thriving. There are many professionals who start considering becoming certified hair extension specialist or opening their own saloon. One of the convenient ways for certification is to choose an online course. It has many advantages and the completion process is not complicated and affordable.

Why online courses are a smart choice for hair extension specialists?

Hair extension certification is a great way for development for anyone involved in this industry. However, it is not possible for everyone to travel to New York City, Chicago or other specific place to get the best education. Therefore, the online courses are a more affordable and accessible option. They give you the opportunity to participate in the best online hair extension training without having to pay for travel and accommodation.

The online course gives you the freedom to choose when to learn and to determine the pace of your own study. You can watch a certain video or reread a certain tip as many times as you need in order to acquire it as a skill.

In addition to the convenience, most courses offer practical skills and tips that help you advance in your career and return the investment in a very short time. Adding additional qualification helps you diversify your services and ultimately attract more clients in your chair.

What does an online hair extensions course include?

The aim of the online hair extension course is to teach you basic tricks and tips not only how to apply the extensions but also how to deal with customers and even start a new business. Possible topics that a course may cover include:

  • General information about the hair extension industry
  • Latest trends in hair extensions
  • Main types and textures of hair extensions and the benefits of each
  • Specific information about the company brand and its advantages
  • How to select the best hair extensions for your client – tips about color matching, types of hair, etc.
  • How to apply hair extensions
  • How to work efficiently but safely
  • How to position extensions in order to achieve different results such as length or volume
  • How to remove the extensions
  • What do you need to tell the customer so that they can take good care of their new hairdo
  • Aftercare and maintenance
  • How to launch your business and find clients
  • Some successful marketing strategies, etc.

Not all online courses will contain all of the above information. Some may be focused only on the practical side of how to apply, remove and care of hair extensions, while others may include some additional tips.

The structure of the course is usually pretty straightforward and easy to follow. In most of the cases you do not have a time limit for completing the course. Some companies may offer the support of a tutor or other interactive method for communication and exchange of ideas and questions. Generally, you go through a series of educational videos and read some explanation materials. At the end of the course there is a quiz to test your understanding of the presented concepts. The most important element usually is to send a photo of your own work. Take before and after photos and submit them as it is instructed. There might be some other requirements for the successful participants but as a whole the process is quite simple.

Main benefits of online certification

If you are a licensed cosmetologist who wants to pursue a career as a hair extension specialist, passing an online course is a great way to receive certification for that. Here are the main benefits that you will enjoy:

  • Get a printed certificate;
  • Become part of the company directory as licensed stylists, which will give you access to much more clients. What is even better, is that you can pass certification with several companies, so your professional network and work opportunities will expand significantly;
  • Receive a free certification intro kit – while this is not a must, most of the companies who organize online trainings do send such gifts to the successful participants. It usually includes marketing materials and hair and product guides.
  • Exclusive discounts of the company’s product – once being certified to work with the hair extensions of a given company you can enjoy special discounts that will make your business even more profitable.

Specially for hair extension course providers

As an organizer of online courses for hair extensions, your aim is to reach as bigger audience as possible. One of the possibilities to establish yourself on a foreign market is to have your e-learning course properly translated and localized so that it is more appealing to the local customers. It is an investment that is worth considering, as it will help you establish your brand and promote your products and services successfully in a foreign environment. Speaking the language of the client is always a good marketing approach.