The number of customers satisfied with the effect of adding hair extensions has been growing at a fast pace for the past few years. Perhaps the top reason why women get extensions is because they make your hair appear longer and fuller.  Another advantage is that it is an easy way to keep your hair protected for quite a long time, allows you to experiment with style and it is easy to maintain, or is it? The unpleasant side of having hair extensions is the constant tugging of your hair, and more specifically the edges. They are the small, soft hairs along the hairline.

Why should you care about your edges?

It is just a few small hairs, right? No big deal if anything happens to them. No. Imagine yourself without a hairline? How does it look? If you don’t like the look you’d want to start taking better care of your edges as soon as possible!

Some practices to make sure your edges are healthy!

Follow the tips in the list below to make sure your edges are healthy. You don’t have to follow every single one of them, but the more effort you put in now, the smaller chance of loosing your edges.

  • Choose Quality! The higher quality hair you choose to wear, the more of an investment, but the more benefits non-the less. More expensive hair can be worn for a longer period of time. There is also a smaller chance of getting an allergic reaction on your scalp.
  • Tight braids. The goal is not to give you a headache but a new look. So when you go to get extensions and you feel the hairstylist is making it too tight, tell them. If they don’t change their way, get up on your feet and walk away. Your edges will thank you by staying with you.
  • Weave cap/net. By using a weave cap when getting your extensions sewn in, you’re putting the needle directly to your own hair making space for moisture and growth.
  • What about time? 8-10weeks is the recommended time you keep your extensions in. This is because your hair needs to breathe and time to rest from being tugged.
  • Every girl needs to put her hair in a ponytail every once in a while, whether that is to eat, do sports or read. Putting the hair on a ponytail creates additional tugging of the hair. With that said, don’t forget to let it loose as soon as you are done eating.
  • Satin Hair Cap. The hair cap is the one tool that keeps your hair in a place that promotes moisture.
  • Silk Pillowcase. The friction that takes place on your cotton pillow sheets is also destroying your hair. It doesn’t matter that you have the extensions on, because the friction creates more tugs, and tugs are the last things your hair needs.
  • Daily Scalp Massage. You don’t have to use oil if you don’t want to. The purpose is to stimulate the scalp area, so that the blood flow is starting to feed those follicles, which help promote beautiful, shiny hair.
  • Investing inproducts that are imparting moisture and nourishing your hair. Make sure your products don’t have alcohol in them. Castor Oil is a great example of a product you might want to purchase. This oil will not only help your hair grow but it will also protect and restore it.

You are yet to get your extensions but don’t know what quality hair, length and/or color? We suggest you contact one of our professionals for a free consultation or stop by one of our locations in Lakeview, Chicago or Skokie, IL where our experts will take great care of you!

To wrap up, spend the extra money and effort now. Go for better quality hair, don’t have the braids too tight, remove the hair extensions in time and get the extra products needed. It is quite the investment, but know that if you choose to spend that money later, you will not only spend the money, but it would have cost you your hairline and the time for it to grow back! Simply do whatever you can to take better care of your hair and it will thank you later.