Many women opt for hair extensions when it comes to achieving a new look for a party or even their wedding. Hair extensions are the preferred method, as they do not carry the risks involved with other methods of changing your hairstyle.

For example, if you only want to experiment with your hair color, applying chemical rich dyes may cause permanent damage to your hair. Similarly, you can always get bored of the new look or you may not like it as much as you thought you would. With any other method, it may be easy to reverse the changes but hair extensions are completely different and safe in this regard.

You must be wondering that if opting for hair extensions is the solution for all the problems, then why are there so many other methods available. The answer is simple—hair extensions may not be able to provide a natural look to your hair. However, this problem can be rectified as well, if you know what to do about it. Here are some tips that will allow you to have hair extensions that will look exactly like your natural hair:

Using Natural Hair

The first step to achieve a natural look even with hair extensions is to go for hair extensions that are made from natural hair. You must always avoid using synthetic hair. Not only do they look fake, but they also require extra care since you cannot use styling tools and heat on synthetic materials without risking their quality.

Choose the Remy Method

Remy is a method of hair extension creation that bundles up the human hair in order to keep the ends and roots of the hair in the right direction. The hair extensions that are created from Remy are mostly free of tangles, as cuticles of the hair are not caught with each other. Apart from allowing a natural look to your hair, this is also the safest and healthiest type of hair extension, as in this method, only one strand is picked at one time.

Seamless Hair Extensions

In this method, professional hair stylists place hothead hair extensions near to the scalp. Since, the hair extensions are not placed close to the hairline in this technique, an illusion is created that these are your natural hair extensions. The hair extensions are applied in the natural hair direction, allowing them to flow with the natural hair. Also, the hair remains safe as there is no usage of chemicals and heating. Therefore, you are advised to go for seamless hair extensions.

Hair Color

Another important factor that makes the extensions look natural is the hair color that you have chosen. When selecting a hair extension, always opt for a hair color that matches the natural color of your hair. This will make the extensions look natural too. If you want to go for highlights, then be careful about the color as well and opt for a shade that will not look too artificial with your natural hair color.

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