Why Choose Natural Hair Extensions?

A key to natural hair extensions means getting 100% real human hair. An important part of woman’s beauty has been her hair since the period of the Renaissance and for centuries before that. Hair extensions, wigs and other hair accessories were originally used in the past, when hair was damaged because of illness, environment and other reasons. Extensions were used to create locks in the name of beauty and add length and thickness to the existing hair. Wigs and other hair accessories were used before, instead of hair extensions, because hair extensions looked less natural when applied. But today, thanks to science hair extensions can be applied and made to look completely indistinguishable from the natural hair. More and more women are using hair extensions to enhance their allure.

Natural Hair at its Best

Hair extensions are nothing but synthetic or natural hair, which are attached to a person’s scalp or head, to add thickness or length and sometimes both. Women can now receive hair extensions from salons and hairdressers and there are also some types of home tool kits which you can be used to apply hair extensions at home. These home kits are available in both beauty shops and online stores. But when applying hair extension, the most natural look is required and this can be achieved only by a trained professional who knows what he/she is doing. A natural and indistinguishable look is difficult to achieve using the home kits.

Though a professional hairdresser can advise you on this, understanding the different hair extensions and the different types of hair is required for you to make the correct choice when it comes to hair extensions. There are many types of hair such as wavy, thick, thin, frizzy, fine, curly, straight etc. But most categorise hair into three types: wavy, straight and curly with the various sub categories within the three. The type of hair that a person has already will determine what she should use for her hair extension.

When you are looking for hair extensions made of natural hair there is a slight difficulty because everyone’s hair is not exactly the same. Hair for natural extension is usually sourced from you Europe, Russia, China and India. The highest quality hair comes from Europe, while hair of lower quality comes from Asia. No matter where you source your hair extension from, to make the hair look inconspicuous and natural looking there are a few things to look into:


Hair can be fine or rough and sometimes in between. European hair is best suited for with fine hair as they have medium to finer density. Asian hair is coarse but Indian hair is better than Chinese hair.


The hair extension should match with the hair color of the person wearing them. This is unless the person wearing the hair extension is looking for a different color hair. Women wear pink, green and other bright color hair extension all the time. Extensions are also used to add tones and highlights to natural hair. However if the goal is to add thickness to already existing hair then finding the right hair color is recommended. It is easier to find hair which was colored during processing to match with the color of your natural hair than it is to find unprocessed hair which is exactly the same colour as your natural hair.


Hair extensions can be cut and trimmed to fit the natural hairstyle of the person wearing it. Blending the extension to the existing hair style depends on the kind of extension and the application method used.

Application method

Though there are many ways of attaching the hair extension, the method will determine the difference between natural looking hair and the ones which look fake. Clip-ons for example can create bulges under your hair and will not look natural. The solution is to ask professionals to give you high quality extensions.

Let us look at some of the application methods available in the market so that you can choose the one right for you.

Tape-In Hair Extension

These are hair extensions made of human hair. It is called a tape-in hair extension because a tape system is used to attach the hair to your scalp. Glues are not used to attach the hair onto the scalp, so it is not damaging to your existing hair. Using techniques from the wig industry a special adhesive is used to invisibly attach the hair extension to the hair. Parting hair styles will be possible because braids and clips are not used.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

These hair extensions are preferred by the top stylist and celebrities in the country because it gives long-lasting and gorgeous hair. The hair extensions is fused with your natural hair using a protein tipped glue called keratin, which is healthy for your hair. The extensions lasts between 4 to 6 months.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

This is ideal for women with thin hair and is used to create longer extensions. Ultrasonic waves are used to apply cold fusion hair extension and hence it is not damaging to the hair.

Micro Bead Extensions

The professional needs an eye for the placement and areas of the head where the extensions can be applied. This method can bring about long flowing hair that can last for several months before any touch up work is required. Neither heat nor chemicals are used to apply this hair extension. However micro rings can sometimes be noticed if it is not applied properly or if it is not the right type of ring. Hair also needs to be 4 to 5 inches long before the hair extensions can be applied.

It is not enough if hair extensions just increase the length and thickness of your hair, it should also look natural when it is attached. What is the point of using hair extensions if people think it is fake? A lot of things has to be taken into account, one of which is the skill and the ability of the professional who is applying it. Other things you should consider will include the type of hair, quality, texture and the application method. High quality European hair can be expensive but it is more natural looking and is hence worth it.

Lower quality hair can do just as well but more care has to be taken and more effort has to be put in to make it look as natural as possible. At the end of the day no matter which hair extension you buy and which method of application you use to apply it, what matters is how it makes you feel inside. Book a free hair extension consultation in Chicago at our salon.