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Want to show off the very best hair extensions in Northbrook IL? Our newest location next to Old Orchard Mall makes getting real human hair a cinch with a single appointment. If your best friend told you there was a way to instantly boost your confidence: To look younger, healthier plus feel sexier—and you could achieve all this in a single afternoon, wouldn’t you jump at that opportunity?

Celebrities, beauty pageant contestants, and public figures have used hair extensions for years to look effortlessly glamorous at awards shows, and in their everyday lives. Now Northbrook can have the celebrity hairstyles just like the big name movie stars. You don’t have to envy the long, shiny locks of these strong, successful women—regardless of your current hair’s length, color or style, hair extensions can add the drama and sophistication that you’ve been looking for.


Best Northbrook Area Real Human Hair Extensions

The professionals of the renowned Chicago Hair Extensions Salon are bringing their expertise to Northbrook IL, offering the women of Northbrook 60062, 60065 an upscale styling experience. We know that you juggle professional and personal responsibilities, and always want to look your best. With the help of our professionals, you’ll be looking red-carpet ready from the North Shore to downtown Chicago.

Whether you’ve been using extensions and are looking for a more upscale experience, or are considering extensions for the first time, we’ve compiled answers to some common questions. For more details and personalized advice, please call our salon at 224-817-4941 to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our professional stylists who specializes in extensions.


What are your hair extensions in Northbrook Vicinity Like?

Hair extensions are a way to lengthen and add volume to your natural hair. Whether your natural hair is straight, wavy, or curly, a high-quality extension treatment will have you looking (and feeling) naturally radiant.
Both synthetic and real human hair options are available, and can be color- and style-matched to your own natural locks. Synthetic options can be less expensive, but are less durable and often have a “plastic,” high-shine look that does not blend or style as easily as real hair. At Chicago Hair Extension Salon, we use only 100% real human hair for the best results. Whether wind-swept by the breezes of Lake Michigan or styled for a night out on the town, our real hair extensions will behave like your natural hair.

Hair Extensions Salon Northbrook Area
A long, full mane makes you look youthful, healthy, and polished. And we all know hair takes time to grow. Maybe you jumped into a trendy shorter style that faded in popularity, or you’re just tired of the limited options offered by shorter locks. With so many events and occasions in and around Northbrook year-round, your hair needs to be as ready as you are to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated up-do for this season’s formal events, or want the longer-term flexibility of long, shiny hair without waiting months or years for your natural hair to grow, extensions are the answer.
Do-it-yourself, clip-in extensions are available and can be added and removed with the simplicity of an average hair clip, but these clip-in pieces are often of lower quality, are unlikely to exactly match the color and texture of your hair. Worst of all, like any hair clip, wearers run the risk of the clip loosening or falling out, and taking the hair with it!
A professional stylist will be able to perfectly match your hair, provide coloring, and add more permanent extensions that can be styled, washed, and worn with your normal hair, 24/7. Salons that specialize in hair extensions are your best bet for optimal results. At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon near Northbrook, extensions are all we do, so our stylists have years of experience making your final result look natural, healthy, and full while giving your natural hair time to regrow. No matter where you are, seeing a professional is always recommended for better, longer results—especially in and around the Windy City, where that famous lake breeze tests every hairstyle. Professionally applied extensions so close to Northbrook can last up to 6 months, and no one will know it’s not your natural hair!

Will Extensions Work for my Hair Type?

Extensions are available for all colors and styles of hair. Even if your hair is damaged, extensions are a perfect solution to give you a healthy-looking mane while giving your natural hair time to grow and recover. Hair extensions are available from several companies—in brick and mortar salons and on the internet. For best results, we recommend working with an experienced stylist. Salons that specialize in hair extensions will help you choose the right color and style, recommend which type of attachment will work best for your hair type, and even order and apply them for you.

Great Lengths Hair Northbrook IL
With so many options available, shopping for extensions alone can feel overwhelming. One of our professionals can answer all your questions about extensions, and simplify the process for you from beginning to end. Should you choose to purchase your own extensions and bring them to the salon, one of our licensed cosmetologists can apply them for you and provide the same after-care advice as with extensions purchased through the salon. When you step into one of our salons, you are our number one priority. Each of our talented stylists takes the time to teach our valued clients the proper way to care for their hair at home, making sure your beautiful results last. The most important thing you can invest in is YOU—our team of experienced stylists will help you protect that investment, and look like a million bucks.

Why Hair Extensions Close to Northbrook, IL?

At the Chicago Hair Extension Salon in addition to our personalized salon appointments, we also proudly offer in-home extension application appointments. It doesn’t get much more convenient than spending an afternoon with one of our professionals in the comfort of your own home! We proudly provide the most personalized, upscale salon experience available.
Whether you choose an in-home appointment, or visit one of our salons, our expert hair technicians will get to know you, and work with you to ensure your hair grows healthy and looks fabulous. You want to look sophisticated and glamorous from the shops at Northbrook Court to the restaurants of Skokie Boulevard.

Are All Extensions the Same?

At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon, we offer a range of options for hair extension applications. Choose from hot fusion, cold fusion, micro bead, sew-in or even tape-in extensions. Each application style has advantages—some are completely invisible to the naked eye, some involve the use of specialty tools and adhesives, and some are virtually maintenance-free until their removal.
One thing all extensions have in common is that they look best and last longest when applied by a professional. Get the best hair extensions in Northbrook from our Skokie salon across from Old Orchard Mall.

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