With hair extensions, choosing ombre hair colors in Chicago is a breeze at our salon.  The Ombre hair trend is by far one of the most popular women’s styles because the process brings about brilliant results.

If you’re heart is set on having longer hair with pop, then go with contrast. Applied correctly, ombre hair extensions can dramatically change your looks.

Photo Courtesy of Great Lengths Extensions.

What is Ombre Hair?

The term comes from the French word which means multi-colored. Typically darker hair growing from the scalps roots becomes precipitously lighter toward the ends. This technique can easily be accomplished with our hair replacement system. We can install ombre hair colors using micro ring, fusion or skin weft hair extensions.

There a dozens of shades to explore. Some of our most popular include red, blonde, pink and brown ombre hair. Our hair salon in Chicago has experienced stylists to help you pick a great blend. Great Lengths has some outstanding colors. However, we also carry many other top brands.
Ombre Hair Color

Why Choose Your Ombre Hair Extensions in Chicago?

Extensions applied using the ombre hair technique means fairly low maintenance. Since little change is made on top, the extension grows as part of your natural hair. Hair coloring has never been so simple.

Famous stars include: Olivia Wilde, Lauren Conrad, Amber Heard, as well as Khloe Kardashian just to name a few.

From Buzz Feed: 24 Celebrities who have perfected Ombre Hair

Still wondering about how to choose “ombre hair colors”? Speak with our specialists, always available from Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.