So, you’re checking out various hair extensions methods to glam up your looks? With so many different extension applications available, making a decision can be difficult. The first item to consider is choosing the right hair length, as well as style.

Pick Human Hair Extensions

There are many variations of 100% natural hair available online. Some of the most popular origins include Brazilian, Russian, African American, including European extensions. The benefit of using real hair is that it’s virtually undetectable. Extensions are also very versatile- since there are so many styles to choose from. For example, you can pick curly, pin straight or even really wavy hair extensions.

Pick the Right Length

You’ve probably seen plenty of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, including Beyonce Knowles, show off their super long hair. While many famous stars wear hair extensions, it’s important to pick lengths that will look seamless on you. Most salons carry hair which is between 16” and 30” long. Of course, custom-tailored lengths can always be requested.

Hair Extensions Types

There are many ways to get long hair. I’m going to simply share a few typical extension techniques, readily available by experienced hairstylists.

Weft Hair

The weft method can be referred to with many common descriptions which include: sew-in, bonded in, including braided in. Yet another popular term is tape-in. You can find mass produced machine tied versions or hand tied wefts. Chiefly, an area of hair spans about 10” wide and can strategically be placed upon the head. Duration depends on the method used. It’s not uncommon for weft extensions to last 8 weeks with proper care.

Strand by Strand Micro Link Extensions

Micro Bead/Ring extensions are the preferred choice of women who do not like the idea of heated tools. Typically, between 20 and 25 individual strands are held together with a keratin bond adhesive at the end. Cosmetologist refer to this as I TIP extensions because it sort of looks like the end of a shoelace. Imagine many individual hair strands being pushed into a bead to get a good idea of how this works. A special clamp is then utilized to secure that strands into your natural tresses. If you are very gentle, meaning no yanking, these extensions can last up to 5 months.

Fusion Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are held together by a highly concentrated protein tip. It may sound odd, but the glue is carefully melted to your own natural strands. If done correctly, this can be a completely safe way to get longer hair. A very special heating wand is used during the application to create an invisible look. Again, with proper maintenance, fusion extensions can last many months. You may have heard the expression Remy Hair? Remy, generally means the hair was cultivated from one source, snipped off a pony tail. This ensures all of the cuticles will flow the same direction and in-tact.