Winter is coming and not only in Westeros and once again your beautiful locks are threatened from the cold and wind outside. No matter if you have short or long hair, whether you prefer styling it alone or going to a classy hair extensions saloon, when the weather starts getting bad you need to start taking special care of your hair.

There are several simple tricks that you can follow and guarantee the vitality and strength of your mane without much effort. Here are the best winter tips to try this season:

Wear a scarf or a hat to protect your hair

If you want to protect your hair from the adverse effects of cold and wet winter weather, we suggest styling it with a hat or scarf. Be careful, however, what type of head accessory you are going to choose. The hat should not be too tight and restrict the circulation of your scalp. Also, you should know that wool, cotton and other coarser fabrics may cause breakage and split-ends.

Here is a tip what to do: Line your hat with silk or satin. You can use an old scarf or blouse and sew it into the hat. Or wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting your hat on. As a bonus the silk scarf will also keep your blowout in a perfect condition, so when you arrive at your destination and remove it, you will have the perfect hairdo.

Another advice, especially for women with curly hair, is to apply oil-based hair moisturizer before putting their hats on. This also helps protect the hair from breakage and split ends.

Don’t go out with wet hair

Even though overstyling your hair is not recommended for the winter months too, taking some time to blow-dry it or leave it to dry naturally before going out is a must. Not only you will feel cold but your hair will need much longer time to dry and what’s worse it may freeze. As a result, you risk breakage and damaged hair.

Wash your hair right

There is a right way how to wash your hair and you should follow it in winter months too. Simply because the weather outside is colder, it doesn’t mean that you have to switch to hot water for your routine. Keep in mind that hot water dries your hair and can cause damage to your scalp, which is more sensitive in winter. Therefore, stick to warm and cool water.

Another important element to have healthy hair in winter is shampooing. Apply shampoo less often or a little less. Thus, you will avoid itching and flakes.

You can use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair. Besides, dry shampoo gives volume and is a good way to restore your hairdo after wearing a hat outside.

Conditioning is also a critical element for keeping your hair healthy in winter. Apply the conditioner from the middle length of your hair to the ends. Focus on the ends as usually they are the most damaged and dry part of your hair. Leave the conditioner for several minutes and then wash it well with cool water. It is good to end the washing with cold water as it will help lock the moisture in your hair.

Don’t over-heat your hair and dry it the right way

Avoid heat treating your hair too often in winter as well. Too much heat makes the hair dry and prone to breaking and split ends. As we said that it is not advisable to go out with wet hair, we strongly recommend you to dry it the right way.

Don’t rub your hair with the towel as this may damage it. Use the towel to gently squeeze the excess water instead. Use a blow dryer on the cool setting or if you prefer to use hot air, make sure that you keep it at least 15 centimeters away from your hair.

Keep your hair well hydrated

As a result of the dry air indoors and the temperature fluctuations between indoors and outdoors hair tends to get drier in winter. Therefore, you need to take extra care to keep it hydrated. This starts from your healthy diet and drinking sufficient water and goes on with using the right hair treatment products.

Opt for a shampoo that moisturizes the scalp and prevents split ends. Choose a good conditioner that works in the same direction. It is good, to pamper your hair at least once a week. This means leaving the conditioner for at least 30 minutes to penetrate the hair shaft and work its magic.

A massage of the scalp with warm olive oil will also keep your scalp moisturized and improve blood circulation. As a result, the follicles will get enough nourishment and your hair will not only look healthier but grow faster.

The ladies who have curls, relaxed or textured strands should choose daily moisturizing procedures. Applying a serum or light oil high in omega fatty acids and leaving it overnight will nourish and hydrate their hair.

If you follow these 5 simple tips, you will help your hair thrive in the harsh winter conditions. As a bonus, we suggest that you go for a darker color this winter and forgo platinum for a while. Even though blonde is always trendy, it damages the hair quite a lot, so you can leave it for spring time, when the weather conditions are not so bad for your hair.