Having hair extensions at a salon with a consultation the perfect opportunity for you to learn about the process of lengthening hair.  Since most high-end beauty salons offer extensions, it’s a great way to understand everything that’s involved.  This way consumers gain the knowledge necessary before undergoing the instillation.   

Salon Hair Extensions Include A Consultation

 Before getting that long, luxurious hairdo that you’ve always wanted, take advantage of the salons consultation policy on extending hair.  Generally speaking, a hair extensions consultation should be totally cost-free because the hairdresser hasn’t yet provided the service.  

Instead, the hair extension stylist will attempt to look at your current hair length to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure.  At this point, there should be no payment or exchange of money.  It is simply a time to exchange information with the hair specialist.  


Hair extensions at salon in Chicago with before and after photo.

Choosing a Hair Extension Salon Application Technique

 Hair extension stylist methods come in many ways. Several factors go into determining the appropriate technique: 

  • Current hair length 
  • Costs involved 
  • Time needed 
  • Natural hair texture 
  • Color match 

This would also include whether you want super straight, wavy or curly hair extensions installed.  As you can imagine, the appointment is an important time to consider the hairstyle you really desire.  The goal is to apply natural looking hair that will help you to feel confident when wearing them.   

Pick a Hair Extension Method

There are many so-called hair systems out there. For the purpose of this article, we mean salons that do hair extensions. Now, the fun part is deciding with your hairstylist which extension method works best.  Since you are going to want the hair to look completely natural, we recommend you pay close attention to the stylist.  Chances are they have many years of experience and instinctively knows how to give you a fabulous look-building upon your own features.  Most salon extensions stylists understand the many application ways. 

Fusion hair extensions consultation can provide a lot of information.

Tape-In Extensions at Salon

This is probably the fastest way to get longer hair.  The hairdresser will first use a color wheel to match your natural hair color.  The next step will be determining the length.  Hair extensions lengths are endless. You can choose 14, 16, 18, 20 and even 30 inch hair extensions.   

The results can be absolutely amazing.  It isn’t just tape-in hair extensions that are long.  Most application techniques can be custom tailored to reach your hair goals.   

As a point of information, human hair extensions should not be lightened or bleached.  It’s okay to make them darker but using harsh chemicals like bleach and destroy hair strands.  

Tape extensions are exactly what they sound like.  A special tape is used that has a strong adhesive to keep the hair placed.  During a consultation you can share with the professional aspects about your life-style.  Questions might include: Are you an active person?  Do you swim a lot?   

Although the tape-in hair can be worn all the time, it’s still smart to pick the best application that’s right for you.   

Nano Extensions 

Known as Nano hair, this is the hottest technique used today for bringing about beautiful, long hair. That’s because the instillation time takes about 1 hour. Using a unique tool, the hairstylist can apply a lot of hair bundles at one time. Unlike the strand by strand method, this technology allows for faster and more precise application.  The experts at Chicago Hair Extensions Salon are certified by a premium company known as Hair Dreams to provide this incredible service.  Inquire with the professional in your area to find out if they have been properly trained.   

Fusion Hair: A Popular Choice 

 At the hair extensions consultation, you will undoubtedly learn a bit about the fusion extension method.  The application is popular around the world as a multitude of hairdressers are versed with this system.  So famous models and celebrities prefer the fusion hairdo because the before and after photos provides astonishing results.   

An I-tip extension generally has about 20 strands per pack. Some brands actually provide more. If the hair is from a well-known brand, then the tip will be made of a protein base called keratin. A multitude brands make their product available for fusion.  

A heating tool melts the I-tip before application.  If applied correctly, fusion hair extensions are a safe way to get the length you want.  

Micro Bead: A Nice Choice 

Micro bead hair extensions, also called micro link is a safe and effective way to lengthen.  When you are at the consultation, ask about the micro link application. Most remy hair brands are made available to salons for micro bead instillation. The hair can be cut, colored, washed and styled.  

You do want to see if the hair stylist has experience doing micro links.  This is simply because it’s important to be gentle around the scalp area.  

Firstly, a color matched bead will be picked for the process. Hair strands using run through the loop or bead and attached to natural hair.  An experienced hairstylist will then use a special hair clamping tool to close the bead.   

Summary of Hair Extensions at Salons

As you’re thinking about ways to glam yourself up, remember that there are many options available for getting gorgeous long hair.  Inquire at the salon about what are the best hair extension brands to choose from.  Furthermore, consider costs and time for the service.  When it comes to your hair, you definitely should pick products from a quality provider.   

Ask to see some example photos. Even better is to read salon reviews to gauge other customer experiences.  Making the decision to improve your appearance is exciting. Many women who get longer hair report feeling more confident, younger, as well as attractive.  

Our salon is proud to serve Illinois, including other areas of the Midwest.  We are situated within Chicago near downtown on the Northside.  Our hair extension salon serves the areas of Skokie, Glenview, Northbrook, Des Plaines, Highland Park, Morton Grove, Schaumburg and even customers who come to us from Vernon Hills.  

We hope this post on the consultation process enhances your salon extension experience, wherever you live.


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