We can state that the hairstyle represents a woman’s personality and therefore women should be more daring with their haircuts. If you want tons of people to come up to you and compliment you on your hair, then it is time for a change.

Cut it short or add some quality extensions for more length or volume. Let your inner self shine through your hair. Do not be afraid that men will find you unattractive because of your avant-garde hairstyle! On the contrary – dull haircuts attract dull people, so the bolder you are, the more interesting people you will attract.

Since ancient times hair represents our personality, thoughts and believes. Longer hair is associated with feminine strength, health and reproductivity. But it also means that you will spend something around $50,000 on your hair maintenance over your life span.

If you are wondering if it is time to cut your hair drastically, perhaps this quick Cosmopolitan quiz can help you.

Otherwise, if you want to feel feminine and glamorous follow the advices below on what kind of a hairstyle will suit you best depending on your personal features.

Depending on your face shape

The shape of your face pretty much determines much of your hairstyle. If you match your haircut to the shape you have, you will feel more confident and much prettier.

There are basically four main face shapes – oval, round, square and heart. Here is what hair length passes to each:

  • Oval face – if the shape of your face is oval, then you can sport just about any hairstyle. Collarbone length bob, bangs, longer hair with beach waves – just name it and it fits you. This means that you can try any of the hair trends fashionable this autumn.
  • Round face – if your face is round, then you should opt for diagonal lines or asymmetry. The round shape of the face is not suitable for very short or very long hairstyles. Side swept bangs or collarbone length with long layers are the best cuts to try. Avoid at any cost chin-length hair as it will make your face look even rounder.
  • Square face – those with a square face should go for a short or medium length hair. Shag styles and wispy side-bangs will soften such a face.
  • Heart face – having a heart-shaped face means that you should rock heavy or sweeping bangs or uniform layers and curls below the years. Choose any hairstyle that will add width to the jaw line and will not emphasize the upper-face.

Depending on your body structure

Another factor that should play a role in choosing the best hair style and length for you, in addition to your face shape, is your body type.

  • If you have a tall, athletic body, then you don’t have to worry as virtually any cut, style and length will look good on you.
  • If you have a slim, straight body, then you should go for medium to long hair. You can add bangs and curls as well. The pixie will suit you too. You should opt for volume and not so much for straight and long hair.
  • If you have a petite frame, then mind the proportions. Great lengths will not work for you. You’d better choose short crops.
  • If you have a curvy, full figured body, then steer clear from the short hair. It will make you look heavier than you are. The other opposite – too long hair, is also to be avoided as it has the same effect. Choose medium-length hairstyles and add volume for a better balance.

Sometimes, you have to work your haircut around a specific feature on your face. If you have a prominent nose, for instance, go for bangs, simple lines and short cuts. An angled bob will make your small mouth look bigger, while bangs will conceal a high forehead.

In line with your interests

If you consider cutting your hair make sure that you are honest to yourself why you are doing it. It might be because you are tired of its maintenance or look or how heavy it is. Or you want your true personality revealed via your mohawk or shaved head? Share your thoughts with your stylist and they will be able to give you a professional advice.

If you plan to cut significant lengths like 10 or 12 inches consider donating your hair for a good cause.

Last but not least, your haircut depends a lot on your hair type. Thick curly hair behaves differently when cut compared to straight or thin hair. Thick, frizzy hair will not look so good if cut short. While thin hair should not be too long as it will look even thinner. There are other tricks how to hide thin hair, that you can find here.

So, are you ready for your next haircut?

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