Skokie IL New Hair Extensions Salon

Getting Hair Extensions in Skokie IL just got delightfully simple. North Shore residence wanting a hair salon that does extensions near Old Orchard Mall is as easy as walking across the street.

Nothing makes you feel more beautiful than the swish and swing of long, luxurious locks.  Now gals visiting the Old Orchard Mall area can experience the transforming power of 100% real human hair extensions behind Bloomindales parking lot at 9933 Lawler.

Whether it’s a sleek, sophisticated pony for a special occasion, or long, loose waves for a total style makeover, making a great hair statement can do more for your features  than any outfit you might purchase.  Why not experience the look you have always longed for, but simply didn’t have the hair to pull it off?

Skokie IL Hair Extensions Salon Opens


Get Hair Extensions in Skokie next to Old Orchard Mall

With our newest hair extensions salon in Skokie, Old Orchard, clients no longer need to drive to Chicago to get beautiful long hair. You witness the magic of hair extensions every time you turn on your television.  Those pretty newscasters who morphed from short to long, sexy hair in a week, the gorgeous red carpet celebrities sporting voluminous curls and volume, the music celebrities that don’t seem to ever age—they are enjoying the benefits of high quality human hair extensions that are incorporated into their own head of hair.

But it isn’t just Skokie, Old Orchard residence that can avail upon our extensions salon. Northbrook, Glenview, Des Plaines, Morton Grove and Evanston can benefit from hair extensions too. Midwestern women love to follow the latest hair trends with fun tresses that appear invisible to the naked eye.

Our certified stylists at the Chicago Hair Extensions Salon are trained specialists, offering a wide range of options for hair extensions.  The salon offers a free consultation to assist the client in selecting from various state-of-the-art application techniques, including:

  • Micro bead hair.  A specialty at the salon is the micro bead extension, which basically eliminates the need for glue.  Neither heat nor chemicals are used in the process. The micro link method can create beautiful, long tresses that last several months before a touch-up.
  • Fusion hair extensions. Using the highest quality Remy human hair, the extensions are fused with your natural hair, becoming virtually invisible to the naked eye.  There are hot fusion and cold fusion processes available, and a unique adhesive that is comprised from the protein, keratin, which is beneficial to the hair.  The gorgeous results last 4-6 months.
  • Tape-In hair extensions. This amazing method, also called skin-weft hair extensions, creates seamless results.  The 100% human hair extensions are made into a hairpiece that is taped-in with double sided special adhesive, invisibly attaching the hair.  This method is a great solution for ladies with short hair.
  • Sew-In hair extensions. For quick, beautiful, long looks, the sew-in method creates a completely natural effect.  Your own hair is braided into corn rows and a weft of 100% real human hair is gently sewn into the pre-braided hair.  This technique creates a free-flowing appearance of the hair.

Skokie IL Area Hair Extensions that Can Change Your World

The possibilities to create a new you are endless!  Think about your lifestyle and how a totally fun update can still keep you in sync with that lifestyle. Go wavy or straight to change up your look.  Lighten it up for summer with long blonde locks, or try out an ombre or sassy red for a little touch of edgy.

It isn’t always about adding length–you may covet the vintage mid-length styles of Lauren Bacall or Rita Hayworth, or the modern versions worn by Rachael McAdams or Kate Hudson.  If you live in the Morton Grove or Wilmette areas, no problem! That Hollywood look can be achieved by adding volume to a classic style with extensions.  Our certified stylists bring Hollywood to Skokie, having had plenty of experience working with celebrities, models, and athletes.

So, change it up!  Let the professionals at Chicago Hair Extensions Salon in Skokie bring your hair fantasies to life with the endless possibilities of hair trends available.  Set your sexy girl self free and start swinging your lush, gorgeous hair as you saunter in style through the aisles at Bloomies—after all, a gal may just need a new outfit or two to accompany that fabulous hair.

The next time you visit Skokie, IL or Old Orchard, consider hair extensions as part of your shopping excursion. Contact the salon for a free consultation at (224) 817-4941.