As women, at some point in time, we all start to dye our hair to hide gray hairs. This, however, does not always have to be the reason for dyeing your hair. Many people do it simply to see themselves with a different color, out of curiosity. Then, there are the bold women that like to experiment – the ones that are in search of the color that would complement their character and help them express themselves better.

Here are a few ideas that can help you decide if the color change is for you and how to do it properly no matter what your dyeing incentive is.

Subtle hair color to consider

Below are some beautiful colors you should definitely consider getting on your next visit to the hair salon.

Cotton Candy

There are not a lot of women brave enough to transform their hair to look like cotton candy. It takes personality to wear this color. You will stick out for sure. It is a hair color that says: girly, cute, fun.

Mermaid Blue hair. It is definitely more common than cotton candy, but it makes you stick out non-the less. This hair color says: outgoing with an open and adventurous mind. Having blue hair suggests you are loyal, idealistic, reliable and peaceful.

Lavender This ombré is simply mesmerizing -dark brown to all shades of violet and finally white. Wearing a lavender color indicates you are a creative, artistic, spiritual and balanced person.

Sunrise A mix of red, orange and yellow, these vibrant colors create the perfect look for a strong, bold woman. The color red would be associated with the traits: passionate, seductive and mysterious. Yellow, on the other hand, suggests a sunny, fun personality.

Pastel A truly stunning ombré! If you have brown hair, it is perfect for not damaging your routes. Brown routes, flowing to blonde and adding a pastel blue or green finish.  This combination says: laid back, adaptable, ambitious.




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It is a hair color for a queen. Definitely giving off a Daenerys Targaryen vibe, this color hints of the person being inspiring, dependable, careful, naturally pure and classy.

How to choose the perfect color?

No matter how much you like a certain color, there is a possibility it might not look good on our hair. If you do not select the perfect hair color it will not compliment your character and the true beauty of the color will not show. Of course, it is not a tragedy if you get the wrong color, you will simply have to wear it until the next time you dye your hair.  Nevertheless, check the tips below on how to choose the right color for you.

  • Take into consideration your skin undertone. If you have naturally dark hair, your undertone is likely warm. If you have naturally blond hair your skin undertone is cooler. A good method to determine the undertone of your skin is to look at a vein in your arm under natural light. If it appears green, then you have warm tones, if it is blue then your skin has a cool tone.
  • Your eye color is another thing hinting what hair colors would suit you better. If your eyes are deep brown, blue or hazel, cool colors will suit you. On the other hand, if your eyes are golden brown, green, turquoise or hazel, warm hair colors would be best.

Coloring your hair extensions

Getting hair extensions does not have to end with making you hair look longer. You can dye the extensions in any color you like that would help you express your persona even further. It is actually better to dye the extensions than your hair, as you will not be exposing your natural hair to more damage.

It is important to know what color you imagine your extensions being dyed in before buying them. This is because if you purchase brown extensions and want to make them pink, you would first have to bleach the extensions. This would cause more damage to the extensions. Therefore, simply opt for white blonde, which can easily be turned into pink.

Be brave and experiment with your hair color, because dying hair is not only for hiding gray hairs but for expressing who you are. Follow the tips above to make sure you choose a color that suits you. However, if you end up not liking it, no need to frown, you will be able to change your hair color again soon.  Besides, it will be a great moment to experiment with different accessories such as hats or scarfs.