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Discover hair extensions Wilmette 60091 from the hair salon that specializes in creating luxurious long locks. Whether you wear it straight, wavy or curly, there’s a certain something about long hair that never fails to give you that little added allure.  And you can get it in just one appointment, at the new Chicago Salon Hair Extensions Salon near North Shore Wilmette, Morton Grove, Winnetka, plus Vernon Hills. Ditch dull or thinning hair, and browse Plaza del Lago with long, luxurious locks!  Enjoy the waves at Langdon Beach while your own waves shine in the sun.  You’ll have the sexiest look on the North Shore with extensions from Skokie’s newest hair extensions salon next to the Old Orchard Mall, Change the way you look, change the way you feel!

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Best Wilmette Area Hair Extensions

Wilmette IL, 60091  has come a long way since the pickle and vinegar factories of the 1850’s, and the strict Prohibition and no-Sunday-business days of the 1920’s.  In today’s Wilmette we can browse the shops on Antique Row or find the latest fashions in Eden’s Plaza or Old Orchard Mall, Skokie seven days a week.  This means we also need to look fabulous seven days a week!  And with extensions from Chicago Salon Hair Extensions your hair will always have a fabulous look!

Wilmette has a reputation for having only the best, and that’s all we provide.  We carry the top brands of 100% human hair, available only to salons, that can be 100% matched to your hair color. All our stylists are licensed cosmetologists and have been trained by top brands like SoCap and Great Lengths, and they’ve worked everywhere from Hollywood movie sets to model runways to Miss USA pageants.

Hair Extensions Methods

Wilmette, IL area Hair Extensions


When you spend a lot of money for your hair service, the last thing you want is for people to say- Wow, nice hair extensions. You want people to think aloud, hey, what does she do to make her hair that gorgeous? That’s why, along with the very best products, our stylists use the very best and latest techniques to apply your hair extensions and make them practically invisible. Parted hairstyles and even up-dos are possible with several of our extension techniques.  They’ll never know! Here are some reasons to get hair extensions in Wilmette’s vicinity.

  • Hot Fusion Extensions

Get the most fabulous looking locks with the best quality remy fusion hair extensions Wilmette has to offer. We can give you fabulous looking, 100% real human hair applied with both hot and cold fusion hair extension methods. This method is preferred by some of the top stylists in the country. The end result is long lasting, gorgeous hair. As an added benefit, the fusion technique can actually be good for your natural hair because it’s applied using a protein tip known as keratin, which is the same protein found in our skin, hair and nails. Using a pre-tipped glue made from keratin protein, remy hair is fused with your natural hair.

  • Cold Fusion Extensions

Cold Fusion hair extensions are popular with big-time Hollywood celebrities because they are invisible to the naked eye. An added benefit is this technique will last between 4 and 6 months.  The technique utilizes a micro bead extension, often referred to as link, to create a longer extension. Where hot fusion uses a tool which heats up, cold fusion application relies on ultra-sonic waves, which can also be healthy for hair. This method is quickly becoming all the rage with hair salons that do extensions around the U.S.

  • Micro-Bead Hair Extensions

Micro-beads eliminate the need for glue and chemicals, by using tiny beads to clamp your extensions to your natural hair.  Using a special tool, your stylist will run both your natural hair and your extensions through a tiny bead ring and then clamp the bead closed.  No matter what kind of hair you have, micro-ring will give you long, flowing locks that will keep you looking gorgeous 3-4 months before a touch-up is needed.

  • Tape-In Hair Extensions

Remember those awful tape-in/clip-in hair pieces you used to see at a certain not-to-be-named mall boutique in the 80’s? Well, tape-in extensions, also known as skin-weft extensions, have come a long way since then!  Tape-in extensions also have no need for glue or chemicals.  Borrowing a technology from the wig industry, a tape-in extension is a hairpiece made from our 100% human hair that is attached to your scalp with a gentle two-sided adhesive.  It’s so invisible, even parted hairstyles and updos are possible with this method!

  • Sew-In Extensions

This is the extension method Paris Hilton made famous.  It is completely invisible to the naked eye and looks 100% natural.  Your natural hair is braided into cornrows or French braids; your extensions are then sewn into the braids.  This is a great method for a fast, natural long look and can be used on practically any hair type.

  • Ombre Extensions

No, that’s not Kim Kardashian—that’s YOU sitting courtside at the United Center!  Ombre is French for multi-colored, it is THE latest rage, and nobody does them like we do!  Crimson red, rich burgundy, dazzling golden blonde, even royal purple— Chicago Salon Hair Extensions has them!  And regardless of which application you decide on, ombre extensions are usually available.

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Why Hair Extensions Near Wilmette?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little professional maintenance now and then, ladies—we’re worth it.  And your extensions will need it—every 3 to 4 months or so.  Some will need trimming; others will need to be removed and replaced.  And our stylists have all the tools and knowledge to keep your extensions looking fabulous for every event in Chicagoland.

Maybe you want a Kim Kardashian hairstyle? Quite possibly, you just know you’ve always dreamed of having long, sexy hair, and you want it now!  Come into our Skokie Salon near Wilmette for a free consultation.  Our stylists will take a look at your natural hair, discuss all the application methods with you and recommend which one they think would be the best. Then we can order your 100% natural, luxurious hair and get you on the way to a brand-new, transforming look! Get hair extensions near Wilmette, IL as well as Winnetka.