We bet, that you have always been amazed with the fact how easily hairdressers style your hair. It seems as if they put no effort at all and the results are always amazing. A little trim or “simply” dyeing your hair, changes your complexion completely and makes you look like a million dollar.

The truth is that a hair stylist has learned a lot throughout their professional life and attended millions of courses to help them do their magic.

Stylists in hair extension saloons, for example, have undergone special training to work with various types of extensions and to master the different techniques and know how to make extensions look real even in short hair.

There are many tips and tricks that you can learn from your hairdresser and it is always a good idea to ask them for advice how to look after your hair or which are the best products on the market. There are, however, a few secrets that your hair stylist won’t share with you even though they would love you know them. Here we go:

I can’t give you a superstar hairdo

You go to the saloon with a picture of your favorite celebrity and you demand to look like her/him after the hairdresser is done with their job. Well, the truth is that most probably you won’t. No matter how talented the hairdresser is, they can’t make wonders. In most cases your hair is much different in texture, thickness and way of maintenance than that of your favorite star. Not to mention how important complexion is, your undertone, the shape of your face. The hairdresser may copy the hairdo but it doesn’t mean you will look like your idol. A picture, after all is just a picture and it is for reference only. Do not expect to look exactly like the person on it. Embrace your individuality and thank the stylist for their work.

Be more specific

You think that you are an easy-going person and you will make the life of your hairdresser easier by telling them “Do whatever you deem right” or “I don’t mind how much you will trim my hair”. In reality, the hairdresser prefers to have more precise instructions to follow. They do not have a magic ball and cannot guess your internal feeling about a little bit shorter or a little bit darker.

Same goes if you enter the saloon and say “I want the same cut as previous time”. Chances are you were in the saloon 7-8 weeks ago or even more so there is no chance for your hairdresser to remember how exactly they styled you last time. Hundreds of clients have passed after you. So, either bring a picture of last time or describe in more details what do you want.

I don’t have the same dye but will mix something

It is true that the dye the hairdressers use is much different than the one you can buy from the store and apply at home. The professional dye penetrates the hair and stays much longer, while the one from the shop rather stains it and easily fades away. So, if you have found your best color better stick to it and have your hairdresser do it every time it needs to be retouched. The truth is that sometimes, the hairdresser might not have the exact shade you are looking for, however they won’t tell you but rather mix something. You won’t notice the difference unless you are aware of it, so do not expect that they will tell you “I don’t have the same dye as last time but I will mix up something”. Simply trust your stylist and enjoy the end results.

I am not a psychologist

While it is ok to have a small talk with your stylist and even share some personal information, do not take the appointment with them for a session with a psychologist. Both women and men are tempted to share too much personal details about their lives and seek sympathy and understanding and even solutions to their problems. If you need a professional talk, go to an expert in the field and let your hair stylist do their job without burdening them with your personal issues.

Don’t book a first appointment on a Saturday

Usually, Saturdays are the busiest days for hairdressers. Therefore, if you are a new client, try not to book your first appointment for the first day of the weekend. The hairdresser will have quite a busy schedule and will be rather tired and therefore may not be able to give you their full attention. It is better to book first appointments during a week, whenever possible

Respect my work

Hairdressers work standing on their feet all they long with scissors and blow driers in their hands. This takes its toll and most of them may experience pain or even have arthritis in their fingers. Therefore, you need to respect their work. Show some simple gratitude by praising their work before you leave the saloon, thank from all your heart about the new hairdo.  be generous with your tips, give at least 15 or 20% of your bill as a tip. Don’t be late for your appointments and try not to cancel them at the last moment. All this is a sure sign that you respect the work of your hairdresser and won’t go unnoticed.

Keep in mind the “secrets” shared above and try to follow the advice they contain. Maintaining a healthy and friendly relationship with your hairdresser is good for both of you and beneficial for your hair.