The summer is here and so it is time to play with colors once again. No matter if you sport a short or a long hairdo, you can always make it look different with a change of the shade. If you want your hair to look good on Instagram pics, you should follow the hot summer hair color trends for 2018.

You may be surprised that some beloved techniques are no longer in fashion or that some shades are still trendy this summer as well. If you are looking for inspiration, the celebrities are your best option and you can see them everywhere – on TV, in social media. Below you can find the suggestions that we cherry-picked for you.

Rosé will rule the summer

Rosé is the hit color this summer. This unconventional nuance is for those who want to look cool and punky but not going to extremes. If you combine the shade with natural-looking roots, you will give your hair that effortless vibe everyone is looking for.

Rose gold is another clever idea for the summer for those who love pink and blonde and want to combine it in a funky way. The darker roots will only underline the unique beauty of this color.

Honey rose is for those who are more romantic in nature. All you need to do is combine light ginger with pink undertones. The tone will brighten up your complexion and make you look refreshed in the hot summer days.

As you can see “pink” will rule the summer but in a much subtler way. You can also use it for highlights only, if you are not sure that you want to dye your entire hair with this summer hit of a shade.

Solid tones

This summer we are going to see more solid tones. The Ombre effect is no longer trendy, so we are going back to solid, single-process shades. You can choose between different tones. Going back to a natural-looking hair is part of the trend as well. If you are wandering which color to choose, you can use your eyebrows as reference.

One of the trendy solid shades, that is also popular among celebrities, is icy blonde.

Platinum is another trendy color for the season. Despite the fact that the tendency this year is towards warmer shades, this white-gold nuance is the perfect choice for any lady who wants to contrast the hot weather with cooler tones.

Raw honey is for those who love the warmer blonde shades that go hand in hand with the sand and the beach look.

True copper will also turn you into a rock star this summer. The color is perfect for those who want to avoid the 40 shades of blonde that are usually ruling the warmer months.

Warm chocolate proves that brunettes have more fun. It is the choice of former blondes or of those who went light and decided to return back to the different shades of brown.

These are just a few of the trendy solid tones that you can sport this summer if you want to look like a celebrity.

Pastel colors

For those who feel ready to experiment this summer the pastel colors are here to stay. We have already discussed that the different shades of pink will be one of the most fashionable statements, so if you prefer it in the pastel palette go for it by all means. You can have your hair dyed in a darker color, which will fade away with every washing leaving you with a pale pink. The good news is that summer is the best season to experiment with this color and that it fits almost any skin shade.

If you want your hair to match the sky and the sea, then you should definitely opt for baby blue. This color perfectly complements a deep summer tan.

The bolder ones can try a hidden rainbow hairdo. The beauty of this hairdo is that it gives you the freedom to cover the nuances during the day if your workplace is more conservative and then change the style for the night and show your colors.

Natural, sun-kissed look

Embracing or rather mimicking a natural sun-kissed color is quite fashionable this summer. You can achieve it by either letting your lob grow a bit longer or visiting a hair salon for adding some natural-looking golden highlights.

If you want to emphasize your beachy weaves, we recommend that you add some milk chocolate or caramel highlights to your brunette color. Your hair will look like sun-kissed. The hairdo is perfect for midlengths.

Warmer brunette, blonde and red tones are perfect for the summer of 2018. They will bring warmth to your complexion and have an overall glowing effect.

You can see that there are several gorgeous ideas that you can pick from. Be bold and experiment with your shades. It will be an even better idea if you add high-quality hair extensions. Thus, you will have more options for interesting hairdos this summer and sport your gorgeous look on all summer events you are invited to.