When considering hair extensions costs, there are many factors that go into determining the price.  With so many different brands on the market, making a good choice can sometimes be confusing. Over the past decade, longer-fuller hairstyles have been all the rage. Salons that exclusively apply hair extensions are popping up in almost every big city. Before booking an appointment with a hairdresser to get that longer hair, do a little research prior to making the final decision.  We are assuming that you are not buying clip-in extensions and want to have your hair installed by a specialist. This article will hopefully provide you with an extensive understanding when deciding upon how much to spend on getting hair extensions applied at a salon.

To begin with, there is not shortages of brands on the market.  A simple Google check will likely result in thousands of companies that claim to have the very best extensions.  The truth is that much of the so-called virgin hair sold online comes from China, India, Latin America, as well as European regions. While there is nothing wrong with this, it’s important to know where the product originated.  Since hair extensions quality is determined by grade, this will factor into price. The rating scale is scored 1 thought 7 with the highest grade considered best. Premium hair is anywhere between a five and a seven.  Another consideration should be length. You will see companies selling 30-inch hair online but in our experience, 26-inch extensions are plenty long enough. Naturally, you can choose to buy any length you desire.  As a rule, longer locks costs more money. 100% real human hair will additionally add to the price. The reason you will pay a little more is human hair is the real thing- feels natural and can be styled exactly like your own. These are the type of luxurious strands you see big named celebrities wear in the magazines. High quality real human hair tends to last longer, as well as tangle less.

Understanding Costs at Salons that do Hair Extensions

Nearly all upscale hair shops offer extension services. Elongating hair is usually a high-ticket procedure. This is simply because the extension process is labor intensive plus time consuming. Some instillations can take up to 5 hours. There are several beauty salons the exclusively only install hair extensions. These establishments have highly trained stylists that are truly experienced at their craft. The hairdresser is usually certified in many different extension methods. Here are just a few of the basic hair extension techniques that will affect costs:

Hair Extensions PricesOther aspects that affect price include quality of hair strands, application time and hairstylists experience. A reputable salon will happily offer a free consultation. This will give you the opportunity to look at before and after pictures. The biggest benefit is having the ability to ask questions about the service. We suggest shopping around until you can find a beauty salon with affordable prices along with hair extensions costs which match your budget.

Why Remy Hair Costs More

Remy hair is often described as strands which come from a unique donor. Since the hair is cultivated in such a delicate way that the cuticles all face the same direction. The hair strands are a good choice for wigs, hairpieces including extensions.  Remy is human hair that can be colored or treated to create a desired look. The major brands that sell extensions nearly all sell Remy extensions.  An advantage to Remy hair is there will be reduced tangling, mating and overall less work. You may be wondering how this type of hair extension is collected? Well the answer is it is harvested from a healthy female donor who purposefully grows their hair to a specific length. After the growing process, she will put it into a ponytail where it will be collected for later use. Since this will be later used to create 100% real human hair extensions- costs can be expected to be a little more.  Although one can never be sure, this real hair comes from Asia, Europe, along with Indian regions. The result is having extensions that appear incredibly natural to onlookers. Authentic remy strands are much easier to maintain than cheap synthetics. If you want to guarantee that the strands are precisely the same length, then make sure to get double drawn remy. When trying to figure out how much hair extensions costs-this widely used product should be considered.  The bottom line is this hair can be made to be incredibly glamorous.

Understanding Virgin Hair Extensions Costs

There seems to be much misinformation about true Virgin hair. Just as the name suggests: Virgin hair has never once been chemically treated or subject to unnatural altercations. Everything about the way it is gathered is untainted. This is the plain truth why Virgin hair extensions cost more than other collection methods. If you are shopping around to find the real thing, then do as much research as possible. There are way too many brands that mislead people about offering virgin extensions. If necessary, read the packet before application to ensure you are getting what want. Virgin hair is understandably the most expensive hair extension on the market. Just remember that remy does not automatically mean virgin. It can literally be both.

Hair Length

How long you want to go is a major equation to hair extensions costs. The longer the pricier.  Here are typical hair lengths: 12, 16, 18, 22, 24.  Anything longer will ramp the prices up.  It’s not unusual to want 30 inches but you will probably have to make a custom order. Imagine stepping out into the night with super long hair that draws attention from everywhere. Hair extensions can easily get addictive. Just ask any fashionista.  We recommend choosing a length that you can easily manage. Most extensions using real hair can be flat ironed, curled and dyed.

Buying Online

Hair extensions costs and prices vary amongst websites. It is possible to buy them directly from the manufacturer- but we would not suggest doing this unless you are familiar with the company. We think it’s really important to have the ability to feel the hair in your hands to get better idea of the texture.  Another potential risk is that you will not have a color wheel to see if the strands match your own hair color. Well known retail websites like Amazon, Ebay or Sally’s Beauty Supply might be a good choice if you’re on a budget. If you’re willing to experiment a little, then getting them on the web might be a good decision.

Major brands almost always require a salon license to place an order. These include:

Remy Hair ExtensionsA few good quality places will allow cosmetologists to purchase hair, but they will many times be asked to submit their credentials.

How Much Should You Spend?

Nearly everyone wants to look sexy. Having longer hair can truly help you to look younger and boost self-confidence. Think about the purchase as an investment into yourself. Although sad, we live in a society where we are judged on our appearance all the time.  Doing some comparison shopping is fantastic way to get a deal.  You can easily buy cheap hair extensions anywhere albeit they probably won’t last very long. Think of high quality extensions like you would a cosmetic surgery. Isn’t it worth it to spend a little extra money on getting amazing results? Your budget should depend upon your specific needs because your appearance is most important. That doesn’t mean you can find hair extensions costs at affordable prices.

Hair Salons & Spas

The price to get hair extensions installed at a salon is going to understandably cost more because you will be getting the best quality hair applied by a specialist.  Applying extensions is very much a craft. Experienced hairstylists will know how to create a hairdo that shouts glamour. They can make hair super straight, extra wavy and even ultra-curly.  Salons that specialize in this procedure are additionally knowledgeable enough to provide essential maintenance tips. Hair salons pay special attention to their client’s safety. For example, the hot fusion method requires a special glue gun to bond the u-tips.  While the micro link application can be a tedious process. This is because the bundle is secured to natural hair using a special clamping tool.  The appointment is also time intensive. It can take 4-5 hours to apply the extensions. Often, this is done strand by strand. The good news is many salons offer a completely free consultation. This will give you the opportunity to ask every question under the sun about achieving the results you desire.

Having longer hair increases hairstyle variety because there is more to work with. You can wear it in a ponytail, blow dry it out or even an elegant up do. Extensions are a great solution for anyone who wants a total makeover.  Whether you want hair extensions for a wedding, prom or everyday use-the more you learn about the costs involved will be a great benefit.