Weaves and extensions can be described as enhancers of a woman’s natural hair. There are many reasons why one would consider such additions to their natural hair. In many cases these reasons are purely aesthetical, in other instances there might be a specific medical condition that calls for adding hair extensions or weaves. Generally, weaves and hair extensions give women the desired hair look in a matter of hours. There is no need to wait ten or twelve months for hair to grow to the required length.

Such hair enhancers are also quite suitable for adding volume to thin or thinning hair, they also allow women to experiment with hair color and style without actually committing their natural hair to a particular look of color. So which is the better option – weaves or hair extensions? Well, both have their upsides and downsides, which of the two is best for your type and length hair is best decided by a professional hair dresser who can realistically determine what your hair actually needs. The advantages of both weaves and hair extensions are aplenty. Weaves are best used when a woman is looking to add volume, and make the hair longer as well as thicker. Weaves are also good because they allow a woman to experiment with style and color without actually having to dye any hair. One of the main advantages of weaves is that there are no glues or other adhesives applied to the scalp when the weave is attached. Instead weaves are knitted in braided natural hair using special instruments.

Extensions are also pieces of natural or synthetic hair attached to a woman’s natural hair. Extensions are best used when one wants to add thickness and length to their natural hair. Extensions are also good when a woman is looking to change her hair color dramatically without damaging their natural hair – a set of well fitted extensions will do the trick. Extensions also work for adding highlights or covering split ends.

Nothing in life is perfect, and hair extensions and weaves make no exception. Both hair enhancers have their disadvantages, though these can be easily overcome through professional fitting and proper maintenance on a regular basis. As mentioned, weaves are knitted i.e. attached to braids of natural hair. Perhaps the only and that is minor disadvantage is when natural hair has been braided too tight, which makes attaching and wearing the weaves a bit painful at times. This usually results in headaches and sore scalp.

Extensions also have some minor disadvantages – they are glued on, which makes them a little painful to remove from the scalp’s natural set of hair. Attaching them is also time consuming and somewhat more expensive. Most of the time, the downsides of weaves and extensions can be overcome by professional attachment and removal.

Jenifer Lopez

Latina diva J-Lo for instance has been wearing hair extensions for some time now. She is actually a good example of how well attached, well groomed extensions can make natural hair so much more luscious and attractive. J-Lo is known to subject her extensions to regular maintenance performed by professional hairdressers in order to keep her hair looking as magnificent as it is in this photo.

Jennifer Lopez Beautiful Hair Weaves

Jessica Simpson

Singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson is another example of a woman who knows how to wear and care for her hair extensions. Jessica has been changing the style and length of her extensions on a number of occasions, all to the same exceptional result. Her natural hair and the extensions she wears are always blended perfectly.

Jessica Simpson Beautiful Hair Weaves


R&B diva Beyoncé Knowles makes good use of hair weaves. Her weaves are braid attached and always in mint condition. The care and maintenance she puts in her weaves is clearly seen on this, and many other photos. Choosing to knit weaves in braided hair is the more sparing method as compared to using adhesives, and Beyoncé knows it.

Beyonce Curly Hair Weaves

Tyra Banks

Former model Tyra Banks is another well-known beauty that favors hair weaves. She however chooses long, elaborate hairstyles, enhances those using well attached and perfectly maintained weaves to achieve an absolutely stunning, almost gravity defying look.

Tyra Banks Beautiful Hair Weaves