Keratin hair treatments at Chicago beauty salons are very hot right now. Everyone is looking to have them done – and for good reason. Keratin is in many ways a universal fix for whatever hair problem you might be confronted with. It not only makes your hair stronger and smoother, but also more beautiful, radiant and frizz-free.

This wonder of nature is a very strong protein that is a major component in skin, hair, nails and teeth. The amino acids that join to form it have unique properties; therefore, depending on the levels of the various amino acids, the keratin can be inflexible and hard, like teeth, or soft, in the case of hair. Finding out all of the facts about Keratin treatments is a good thing to do before you book this treatment.



Long story short, a Keratin treatment is actually a hair straightening treatment that can help you get rid of your curls and the annoying frizz for a long time. The treatment will give your hair a visible sheen and shine but this will not last for more than three to four months, so you will have to have it re-done if you wish to keep the results. What is more, Keratin treatments are an excellent alternative to daily hair straightening.

Now that we know that ‘what’ is time to learn about the ‘how’. The ‘how’ is the most important fact about Keratin treatments that you could ever learn! Basically, it is a formula that is applied on the hair to make it straight and shiny! However, all formulas come with a lot of chemicals, so you are going to have to deal with them if you opt for a treatment like this. One of these chemicals is formaldehyde. While authentic keratin treatments have a safe amount of formaldehyde in them, it is still a risk you should weigh carefully as this chemical produces an odor that is known to cause allergic reactions in some cases.

Back to the how: the stylist applies the keratin treatment on your hair and then uses a flat iron to seal it in. The whole process usually takes about an hour and a half or longer. This depends on how long your hair is.




A lot of women are wondering if they should have their hair treated with keratin if they are wearing hair extensions. Unfortunately, a simple yes or no answer cannot be given in this situation because there are so many factors that play a role in this. Since hair extensions can be created from 100% real human hair, 100% synthetic hair or a mixture of human, synthetic and animal hair, keratin treatment is clearly not appropriate for all of them. Exclusive to human hair only, keratin treatment is just as effective on hair extensions as it is on your own hair, so, unless your stylist is inexperienced with the technique, there is no reason why you should worry about this at all.

All things considered, there are a lot of benefits worth considering when it comes to keratin treatments. If you happen to have curly hair and as a result you spend a lot of time struggling to straighten it daily, this treatment might be the best thing you could do. We all know just how much time we can waste getting ready in front of the mirror and in today’s world, it is simply now worth getting frustrated over something that can easily be fixed. Not only will you save time but your hair will be free of frizz and radiate health. The choice is yours.